LBPKSA, a joint venture of Louis Berger Services and KFB Holding Group/EXAP Contracting, operates as an EPC power projects contractor to provide reliable and optimal power solutions and services in remote and off-grid locations. We form a synergistic team to offer new ideas and technologies for greater efficiency, productivity, and outreach in austere environments, with capabilities spanning traditional and containerized/modular power plants burning fuels to include natural gas,deisel and crude oil/ HFO, as well as renewable power including solar/PV and wind.

LBPKSA combines one of the world’s premier infrastructure engineering and program management firms, Louis Berger Services - a subsidiary of WPS with KFB Holding Group, a Riyadh-based, family-owned business providing ISO certified manufacturing, contracting, construction and industrial services

  • EPC Services
  • Power Lease and Rentals
  • Power Plants Operations and Maintenance

  • Customized Power Solutions
  • Turnkey Power
  • Reliable Power
  • Efficient Power
  • Fast Power
  • Reduction of Electricity Costs
  • Power for Remote Sites
  • Managing Multiple Sites
  • Powering Economic Growth
  • Emergency Power

For more information please visit us on www.lbpksa.com.sa