EXAP Projects' nature of business is to repair, rewind, maintenance, inspection, testing, condition monitoring and life assessment of electrical equipments’ – motors, generators and transformers – and mechanical equipments’ – pumps, steam turbines, gas turbines and auxiliaries.

Repair Capability

Low voltage AC motors (< 690 V)

Medium voltage AC motors (up to 13,800 V).

DC machines.

Gas turbine generators

Steam turbines generators

Diesel alternators

Traction motors and alternators



EXAP Projects offers a complete portfolio of maintenance solutions for electrical machines (motors, generators and transformers) aimed at reducing plant downtime and increasing plant availability.

As a maintenance service company, the company offers complete geographical coverage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries too. EXAP Projects provides a rapid turnaround service by working 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year.

EXAP Projects has experience in all industrial market sectors and is used to dealing with small and large operations. Whatever the company provides a one-stop shop. The staff consists of well experienced, qualified engineers and technicians with years of experience in providing maintenance solutions for electrical machines. EXAP Projects is committed to continuous investment and improvement to keep facilities and equipment up to date.

For more information please visit us on www.exapprojects.com.sa