Kahroplast is an extension of MEMF facility based on the synergetic methodology of business expansion of KFB group. It produces electro plastic components to serve whole MEMF Electrical Industries requirement. These parts are Injection Moulded Components from thermoplastic material like Polycarbonate, Polyamide or ABS, Compression Moulded parts for high strength from SMC, BMC, DMC or Rubber Moulding Components in EPDM or Silicon to meet the high standard requirement of Electrical utilities. Kahro Plast has made MEMF Electrical Industries self-dependent for any requirement of plastic components for its use. Having state of the art machineries from Germany & Taiwan, Kahro Plast is very well capable of meeting the requirements of Electrical Industries.

At the moment Kahroplast is supporting MEMF Electrical Industries by providing quality components for Smart Meters, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Instrument Transformers, Electrical Metering Boxes, Mini Feeder Pillars, Polymeric Insulators and Pre-moulded Cable Accessories. Kahroplast is ready to serve all local Electrical Industries in need of similar components for their customized design on regular basis.