Power & Telecom Technologies Co. (PTT), is one of the eldest companies within KFB Group. PTT is one of the first companies in Saudi Arabia who provided turnkey solutions for infrastructure of the GSM networks, as a direct supplier and contractor to STC.

Today, PTT is not only playing a bigger role in the same field but became one of the market leaders in the field of Power & Telecom equipment supply and solutions. Our product range today includes a wide range of low current systems, data centers and networks infrastructure, physical security systems, sophisticated surveillance systems for defense & military applications, Solar energy systems, and unified communications.

We have implemented the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System throughout our operations and have been certified, our quality policy is reviewed periodically to insure it remains relevant to our business and its environment, most importantly it is well communicated within our company to ensure it is reflected on our products and services!